Thursday, September 11, 2014


As much as I know this will surprise many of you I thought I would show you what I have been doing lately...knitting. This is a shawl for my son's girlfriend, Khanam. Isn't it glorious. 
The design is called Dreambird and is available on Ravelry and it will again surprise you but it's not as hard as it looks. Admittedly I did have to restart the project four times when I became lost but after I discovered page 16 all was set. So what was on page 16 well only the basic directions, like K40 or knit to the end or cast on 15 stitches. There was nothing more. that was the thing in the first few pages there were all of these explanations as to why I was doing something and I kept forgetting where I was up to and having to unpick and start 16 was the lifesaver.
Oh another thing you see all those beautiful colours in the feathers? They all come from one ball. The brand is Noro and I just love the change in the colours. The background fabric is a linen and silk that a friend of mine had spun. Together they come up beautifully.  Well must return to the knitting as PJ returns home in a fortnight and I need to have it finished by then so I can send it over for her Xmas. They live int he UK.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Something Old and Something New

OK so I'm still playing with hexagons, even though it is about time I put my mind back onto the wedding quilt. But you have to admit it is cute isn't it? 

The hexagons for this are actually elongated hexagons and each side is only 1/4in. An elongated hexagon has two angles that are 90 degrees and the other angles are by my calculations 135 degrees.

I suppose I should have put a coin or something else beside it for reference ... next time I promise but if you can take my word for it this section is a bit under 6in high and 4 1/2in wide. Next instalment next weekend.

I saw this quilt in a museum. The original had been used to cover a tractor until it was rescued and repaired. Looks good so far. Oh the original was a lot bigger but again I want a take anywhere project and even when this whole quilt is finished I doubt it will be much bigger than an A3 sheet of paper.

Friday, September 5, 2014

500 Traditional Quilts

Well I know you haven't seen it yet but Lark publications is about to release the latest book in their 500 series and you guessed it, it's all about traditional quilts. Don't we all just love traditional quilts. This book is an absolute feast for quilt lovers with beautiful photos of 500 quilts.

I couldn't believe it .. mind you the one downside is that there are so many other wonderful quilts that I just would love to make. Would be wonderful to see them in real life wouldn't it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Collection 22 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 22

The Future Awaits doesn't the design remind you of those science fiction movies where people go into a trim travel machine and then they spin off to somewhere else .. or perhaps it reminds you of the spotless nurses uniforms?
C22 The Future Awaits

Ribbons of Peace what a peaceful coloured block. If only the world could be so peaceful and enjoy the ribbons of children playing in the parks and laughing.
C22 Ribbons of Peace

Nuclear Free  amazing how so many of this month's blocks have a theme of fear of the future.
C22 Isobel's Flight

Isobel was the first person I designed and wrote a pattern for. She had liked one of my other patterns and wanted to modify it. When I suggested this one she jumped at it. I should find a photo of her quilt and upload it.
C22 Nuclear Free

Rhonda is a dear friend. Full of life and laughter she was always the life of the party and of course she loved spots. This fabric came from her stash.
C22 Rhonda Loves Spots

When touring Alaska  we tried our hand at gold panning but alas were so successful we had to return to our day jobs as they say :)
C22 WorkingTogether

Working Together was the melding of two designs. I think it may have looked more dramatic if I had used two colours for the design but didn't want that in this quilt.
C22 Looking for Gems

Sunday, August 31, 2014

BOM 22- Nuclear Free

WOW I can't believe there are people still going with this. Although I enjoyed making Raconteur my application came and went. It took me six years to make and whenever I sewed it I must admit I loved it, but my interest did fluctuate at times. I can remember one time I made two or three blocks a day, every day for a few weeks. Then I came to my senses and resumed a sensible schedule...of making lots of different quilts at the one time :)

Well here is the BOM for September, Nuclear Free. The name is obvious from the nuclear symbol. I always found it odd as we drive to Sydney there is a sign up saying nuclear free zone. I wonder if the people there are also against the radiation therapy used for cancer etc. There are negative sides and positive sides to most things.

For newcomers the BOM is uploaded here on the 2nd of the month and is free with the code BOM4me

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Canberra Quilt Show

Woo hoo! Two red ribbons plus a viewers choice at the recent Canberra Quilt Show. 

 Exploring Stitches was second in Mixed Media, while Post Scripts was second in Tiny Treasures and also winner of Viewers' Choice for the Small Quilts section. Great day all round.

If you have time to surf here is a link to all of the winners there are some real beauties there. I particularly liked second place in the bed quilts professional. What is your favourite?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Colouring In - what a wonderful pastime

I was talking with Chris who is just about to begin her Raconteur journey....nothing in particular and lots about this and that. You all know how conversations have a tendency to wander. Keeps ones interest, or checks if they are paying attention :0

Anyway whilst typing up a response I had a thought.... perhaps Chris can quilt. I know that is a skill I'm lacking in and it does affect my designs at times. Well I picked up the idea that perhaps Chris could do more than a mean walking foot and so decided to try out an alternative border plan.

Rather than framing each collection in the same colour/fabric if the separate bands took in both sides of the outer border strip it would allow someone with some quilting skills a wider strip to work with. I did a quick colouring of the layout sketch for king size layout and the theory looks good. Wonder what it would be like in real life. Ah so many ideas and so little time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Festival of Quilts UK

Well guess what? At the UK Festival of Quilts last week Raconteur was lucky enough to win Viewer's Choice for Thursday!! Woohoo! Can you see the smile on my face? I have heard this is the biggest show in the UK and Europe and after looking at the photos of the winning entries I can honestly say had I realised how big a competition it is I would never have had the confidence to enter..but I'm glad I did.
Here is the organiser's facebook page, but for some real eye candy here Fiona's photos, she even has a photo of THE quilt. The photo above is just one of the many that I liked. One day I will go the the soon as I win lotto.

Oh for anyone wanting the link to my website for Raconteur here it is

Thursday, July 31, 2014

BOM 21 - Through the Lattice

Collection 21
One of my experiments with non-hexagon blocks. some variations worked better with the change than others but this is one that I did like. Several blocks from this experiment are still in my pile of oughts..probably never to be used.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Carol loves Florals

Collection 51

Another collection completed. I have to choose Colours of Age as my favourite in this collection. I just adore how the purple stands out against the roses. Can't say if it is my favourite because of the colours or the fact that I love roses.
C51 When I am King

C51 Colours of Age

C51 Amethyst

C51 Pretty Maid

C51 Star Within

C51 Rising Mist

C51 Tail Spin