Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nursery Rhymes & Collection 3

Collection 3

Just as these blocks featured in early collections in Raconteur so they have been early blocks in the Nursery Rhymes quilt.

For Nursery Rhymes I wanted blocks with strong features and a good contrast so that they would show up well in a child's quilt.... although it now appears as though it will be too big for a child's quilt  ... such is life. Perhaps next time I will more of the layout rather than one block :)
C3 After the Showers

C3 Burning Bright

C3 Ketchiken Jewels

Friday, April 11, 2014

Carol and Collection 45

Collection 45

As one can guess from the title blue was Grandma's favourite colour. It did look good on her, but then so did most colours. I suppose it was of her happy disposition that she always looked good.
C45 Lights of Dwali

No idea where the title Fizzle came from. I just liked the block and liked the word.
C45 Grandma Wore Blue

I was working in a year 2 class when I made this block and they were studying the religions of the world. Amazing the information one can learn when you approach a new topic with an open mind.
C45 Fizzle

Did Carol choose these fabrics for Easter which often occurs in April?
C45 April Showers

You can see the reeds and plants of the pond so easily here.
block 5
C45 Chillies in the Pond
Can you pick which block is February in the original collection? Amazing how different a block looks with a change of fabric value.
C45 Dancing Flames

Doesn't the lively fabric in Carol's block suggest Dancing Flames in the campsite  fire.

C45 February

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Carol and Collection 43

Collection 43

Again Carol's colours are so much brighter than the original quilt. I must say her points are fantastic which, according to Carol is easy with EPP...hmmm!
C43 Flying Free

C43 Love is Blind
C43 Round Two

Can you see the bee?
C43 Just There
C43 Level One
C43 Ebony in Roses

C43 Bottled Lemons

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Collection 16 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 16

Still Too Small was my second attempt at this block and it was as the title says still too small. Solution just add another border.
C16 Still Too Small

Yvonne's Mystery was designed for a friend who wanted a quilt using Flying Geese... well the geese did appear in the outer border!
C16 Yvonne's Mystery

I always thought of a play pen as a gaol and the bars through the middle of this block gave me the same feel :) Warped sense of humour I suppose you could say.
C16 Bull's Eye

What other name would be appropriate for Bull's Eye?

Does the name Tim Tam Spread really need explaining.. just think of the effect of a glorious afternoon or two relaxing with a packet, or two, of the food of all foods.
C16 The Playpen

Rhonda is a friend I quilted with for several years. The name Ravishing Rhonda came from Margaret when she was trying to find a way to have Rhonda's name appear at the top of her R names in her mobile phone.
C16 Tim Tam Spread

Or imagine what happens when two dozen packets of Tim Tams split out of their box after travelling across the world in a box poorly packed by a younger brother!
Ravishing Rhonda

Margaret is a wonderful friend who 'loaned' me much of the pastel fabric  for Racontuer. I wanted to make a pastel quilt and there was only one thing stopping me .. an almost total lack of pastel fabrics. Magaret's Choice was one of the first fabrics Margaret 'loaned' me.  
I wonder if she wants them back?
C16 Margaret's Choice


Sunday, March 30, 2014

BOM 16 - Playpen

C16 Playpen
Well I suppose at some stage I had to have an English Paper Piecing block in a quilt of hexagons. As many of you will already know I didn't make this using EPP but with regular piecing but have included the papers for people who like that method.
This block contains one of my favourite blocks, Yvonne's Mystery which is a miniature feathered star.  Cute isn't it?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Feathered Stars

I have been having some fun lately working with the feathered star. The versions below are ones which I made in previous attempts but my latest is definitely my favourite. So much so that I have even cut out the fabric for six more. I have drawn up the foundation papers and when I buy some paper I will get stuck into printing the papers and that will only leave finding time to actually sew the pieces together.  

Another project for when my attention refocuses here again

Isn't it amazing what a different colour placement makes. All of these blocks are identical but for the different placement of the background fabric and the feature fabric.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collection 42 and Carol

Collection 42

Well Carol has definitely been busy. Here we have the entire C42 and you couldn't ask for a prettier selection. 
I have no idea why Bouquet for Mary was named as it was. The name just seemed appropriate .. even though I don't know a Mary :)
C42 Bouquet for Mary

The central star in Reaching Out looks like someone reaching out to others, like the children's game Blind Man's Bluff.
C42 Christabella

The blue fabric in the original block was a beautiful (bella) scrap from a friend Chris.
C42 Reaching Out

A star Within a star the name comes purely from the design.
C42 Within

Where would a garden be without glorious flowers. Alone nothing but together so vibrant and joyful... the Two of Us or the two of them ... really doesn't matter.
C42 The Two of Us

There are many gems but one of the prettiest has to be emerald green and Ruby Red

C42 Twirling Dervish

Twirling Dervish  are traditional male dancers seen in the Istanbul, Turkey. You may see a video here of some of these amazing men in action.

C42 Ruby Red

Monday, March 17, 2014

Collection 2 revisited in Nursery Rhymes

Collection 2

Well here are a few more blocks from Nursery Rhymes. All of these come from Collection 2 and so I have included it here so you can compare. As you can see these fabrics still have a similar feeling to those from the original Raconteur. I again stayed with the pale or light background and the stronger colour for the feature. 
This time around I am keeping the one fabric for the background throughout and I'm not too sure that I like it. Unfortunately I have cut and sewn too many blocks to go back and redo them. We will see what the finished quilt looks like. 
I have added another border this time around  as I wanted to try a different kind of sashing. 
C2 Cafe Creme

block 2
C2 I Love Lucy

Although it looks like just another round of border that is only because of my poor photoshop skills. The outer colour border is in truth a set of whirling arms. 
The idea was good but I am having difficulties with the layout and so am having to work another design. 
The problem of the whirling arms was that the blocks end up sitting slightly off straight as I didn't guess the correct width to use for the sashing. I have been trying out different options on the computer but none have really excited me.
C2 Creme de Chantilly

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Carol & Collection 44

C44 Khanam's Gift

Three blocks from Collection 44, where as you can see I decided to really get into the curves. Carol completed these using EPP and appliqué, while I completed them using the old fashioned trace the template and sew along the lines trick....old tricks never fail as they say... I never appliqué unless desperate and even curves don't make me that desperate:)
C44 Morning After

C44 First Flower

C44 Stripes Rule
And just so you didn't think I was the kind of person to get into a rut... a few straight lines almost hidden by more straight lines

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Collection 41

Again you can see Carol's colour choices are so much more vibrant than the originals. Don't you just love patchwork you are never sure what you will finish with?

C41 Halloween

C41 Twisted Bunting

C41 Let Me Fly

C41 Mud Pies

C41 Summer Frock